Accurate Intelligence and
Sophisticated Advice
Leads to Competitive Advantage

  • Comprehensive, Broad-spectrum Business Consulting and Intelligence Services
    • Investigations – sophisticated and discrete independent investigations and forensic accounting designed to uncover fraud, corruption, money laundering and other criminal behavior.
    • Asset recovery, reputational due diligence, e-discovery and business intelligence.
    • Strategic planning, program management, innovative and ethical alternative approaches to achieve results.
  • Global integrated network
    • Seasoned, successful, accredited and trusted global network of former law enforcement officials, military and intelligence experts, forensic accountants, conflict resolution professionals and leading industry experts.
    • Deep understanding of domestic and foreign business, political, financial and cultural environment.
    • Strategic planning, investigations, intelligence and analysis with special focus in North and South America, Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Accurate, timely response and assistance delivered at very competitive cost
    • Flexible, innovative, precise and timely approach to problem solving provides valuable and cost-effective solutions for clients.
    • Institutional philosophy, structure and incentives designed to offer the most talented and experienced professional to any assignment while maintaining effectiveness, efficiency and economy